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We provide a host of security-related services to any individual or organization; be it an individual, an industrial unit, housing society, a shopping mall or any big or small organization.

About Us

Over the past 14 years, Feel Safe Private Security has grown into the successful company that we are today. We have focused or vision on doing what is best for our customers by providing excellence and quality service.
We know that by providing our customers with necessities they need and the customer service they deserve, that our company will continue to strive and grow in this industry.


The security system monitors the housing complex; commercial building; institutions; shops and malls for 24/7 on regular basis. Their routine job includes holding trespassers, inspecting the lock of the door and window, fire alarm, CCTV cameras and fire extinguisher.



Our security personnel is experts in their duty as their criminal history background is thoroughly checked. They have to go for a rigid and complete training course. We chalk out a map before starting their assignment.


24- Hour Monitoring

We are always here to serve you for 24 hours i.e., all day and night. We constantly keep monitoring the areas and property for 7 days a week or 365 days so that you can sleep without any fear.


What Our CLIENTS Say

Feel Safe Private Security is your best choice



Considering your security you can opt us for security service as we are certified firm and our staff is all highly trained and well qualified. We deliver our job sincerely and perfectly.

Worry-Free Protection

Our security personnel identify the risky areas and patrol all the risky zones. Our field supervisors routinely check all site locations to make sure all job responsibilities are performed per contractual agreement.

Securing Company Assets

Any business person can hire our well-trained security guards. They are at their best in providing protection to the property, assets, money, and life to prevent irreparable harm to reputation.

Fewer Headaches for Management

The management can work all the day and night without any worry as our uniformed and armed security personnel keep an eye on everyone's movement and prevents operational loss or compliance penalties.